Your Name, mobile number, e-mail, SMS Display Name (6 Characters). Mobile no. is required for OTP Verification for your account. OTP will be sent on your registered mobile number and after confirmation of number you can proceed to filling your profile details.

We send latest information about the app and updated policies for the use of the product in mail to our customers. Also, it is required for notifying you about any updates regarding app features and policies.

It will be displayed to your caller when you send SMS through our App i.e. MsgDroid SMS.

You can have any Six Digit name to let your callers know that it’s you. This six-digit name can include Letters from A-Z.

No, it’s not necessary.

Modes help you customize your preferences and select contacts to which you would like to reply.
There are several configurations in mode to personalize your requirements. You can even name the modes according to your Daily routine
For e.g.:- Meeting, In Traffic, Busy, In Classroom, etc.
And accordingly make changes in configuring these modes. It’s a healthy tool if used wisely.

Basic configuration parameters include:-

Mode Name: Name of the mode is mostly relevant to the situation of the user for e.g. Meeting, Busy, etc.

General Message: Default text SMS set to send the callers.

Specify Contacts: Select contacts from your contact list, to whom you want to reply when their call is missed. (limit may depend upon packages)

Select Type of SMS: MsgDroid/In App/SMS

GPS Location: Area Name, city, will be sent in SMS according to your current GPS Location. (Allow location access for this app from mobile settings to use this feature)

Mode Timer: The duration for which you want to keep the mode active (in Minutes)

24 hours is max timer limit.

No, internet access is required for the app.

Tap on the re-sync icon on the top right section in Side Menu/Contacts.

No, your location will be sent only in the condition when you have selected “Yes” in Send GPS Location option in your corresponding Mode.

Yes, you can’t input 0 in input minimum value is 1 (minute)

Not for now.

Credit Bonus is received in selected special cases. When a user shares his/her referral code with his friends and let’s assume that x number of persons join under his/her ref. code, then these X no. of people become his/her down-line nodes. So, whenever any down-line node sends a MsgDroid SMS through the app some amount of credits is returned to the parent node user per SMS depending upon your current Package Bonus level for the App.
Standard – Credit Bonus Level 1 (1.75% credits of SMS sent)
Executive – Credit Bonus Level 2 (2.25% credits of SMS sent)
Premium – Credit Bonus Level 3 (3.5% credits of SMS sent)

Counter SMS is a service provided only with App-to-App User communication. One can reply back to the message that is received in App on miscall. Reply is limited to only once for each auto-responded message.

In Mode configuration, MsgDroid SMS is sent through the APP as normal text SMS to another person which is cheaper than the current network carrier rates. The rate of sending Msgdroid SMS depends upon the market but, for now :-
1 MsgDroid SMS = 2 credits
1 Rupee = 10 credits
1 Credit = 0.1 rupee

Yes, one can send SMS through Network Carrier by opting SMS in Mode, which is displayed besides every contact that are selected. Sending SMS options are flexible so never think it’s a compulsion to send SMS only through the App. Network charges will be applied according to your service provider, MsgDroid is not responsible for it.

The App never charges for all SMS sent, except MsgDroid SMS. For every Msgdroid SMS sent 2 credits will be deducted from your account.* Credits can be bought within the app in Settings/Buy Credits.

When you send MsgDroid SMS then per SMS 2 credits will be deducted for your account.* Also, when you have enough credits to upgrade your package subscription you can pay through your credits.

Only One Counter SMS is allowed per responded SMS. This is because MsgDroid app is not a conversational app but only built for conveying clarity and replying the caller ASAP. So, make sure that the Counter SMS that you send is Precise and to the point. Although, there is no word limit in Counter SMS.

No, one can’t do that. You have to convey the message in one SMS only. In case of MsgDroid SMS if 160 characters limit is crossed then equivalent no. of units of credits will be deducted. So, it is advised to keep the SMS shot and effective dealing only to the point to avoid unnecessary deduction of credits. As, for each SMS sent 2 credits will be deducted.
For example:-
If characters are 200(including GPS location characters if activated) then
200 would be sent in 1 SMS but 2 units will be counted
Total cost:- SMS of 2 units = 4 credits
So, keep in mind if you have opted for GPS Location keep some space for accommodating Area and city that you might be present in.

To remove ads you will have to buy the Executive or Premium Package. You can also Refer and Earn enough credits to redeem packages.

Deletes your Profile and App data from current App.
Deletes your Message history/conversation permanently.
Does not remove your Credits and Referral node hierarchy.
If you want to join back in future your data (credits, Profile data & reference hierarchy) will be revived.

Deletes your Profile and App data permanently.
Deletes your Message history/conversation permanently.
Removes your Credits and Referral nodes hierarchy.

Yes, one can change his/her number to migrate the account info, modes and settings. But you can’t revert the changes. Your new number would be verified using OTP.

1 Credit = 0.1 INR
1 INR = 10 Credits
To buy credits open Settings/Buy Credits in App.

No, credits are not exchangeable or transferable to any other account nor any trade of credits are allowed. Only in App purchases are allowed.

No, only one Mode can be activated at a time.

In App go to Settings/help/Contact Us
Or visit our Website www.MsgDroid.com and report problems in Support section
Or mail us at support@msgdroid.com, contact@msgdroid.com

No, it’s totally free.

We may share email id to third parties only to send you updates about our policy changes, new features, updates about App, etc. and for no other reasons. Also, we may send any information about new apps created by our parent company Quasar Technolutions.

In case of MsgDroid SMS if 160 characters limit is crossed then equivalent no. of units of credits will be deducted. So, it is advised to keep the SMS shot and effective dealing only to the point to avoid unnecessary deduction of credits. As, for each SMS sent 2 credits will be deducted.

Once you buy a package (Executive or Premium) it will last from the date of purchase till one year. So, Subscription is on annual basis and not permanent.

Once, the Executive or Premium Package expires then you will be reverted back to free version or Standard Package. No extension period will be given for subscription in any case.